Blocked Jutsus Castle Throne: Omote Renge, Ura renge, Gatenga, Shinrashin no Jutsu, Shintenshin no Jutsu.

Pets now can be used in protection zones.

Fixed bug parcel trap saga's creatures.

Fixed bug players out of saga trap saga's creatures.

Re-attack protection all from 20% to 15%.

Gaara - Suna no Yoroi protection from 25% to 20%.

All creatures spell chance = from 15%-45% to 30% as default.

New jutsus for some creatures.

Android demoted to tier B.

Desert Warmaster demoted to tier B.

Creeper increased strength.

Frost Giant increased strength.

All creatures Tier B and A revised: Health, Experience and Damage.

Removed Anbu from Kazekage's Place.

Added New Blessing (75%) for level 300 or higher (provisional).

Added a clock near castle throne.

New area juuhi assassin - tsuki-gakure.

Fixed frag system.