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Donate - WoSBR
Initial information for your donation.
We inform the players and employees who WoSBR Alternate Tibia Server has no financial interest. All income earned is directly reapplied for server maintenance - this means that when making a donation, you are ensuring stability and increasing quality.

The points that are passed on to players who perform the donations are nothing beyond our gratification, that is, you are not buying points but getting a symbolic gratification (in form of points) that will benefit you in the game; you can use your points any way you want.

The spirit of this system is simple: in order to approach the players and make you feel at home, we understand your donation as a two-way street in the question credibility. To believe that it is worth investing in server maintenance, we invest in you by crediting them with points, which as mentioned above, they can be used in the way best fits them.

Frequently Asked questions

But what are Premium Points?
Premium Points is part of our donation system, with them you can get a VIP or something else that is available in game.

How to make a donation?
Click in "Next" and follow all procedures to make your donation.

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